Wednesday, May 17, 2006

if you are a freshie

Hi there! If you are a freshie about to come into NTU, and somehow your web search brought you to this webby...well just to let you know that this webby is quite outdated.


Do go to this webby for updated information! Hope to fellowship with you soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

18 Aug 2005

Nobody's Perfect

Crossroads started with icebreakers led by the two emcees, Weiyee and Xin Ying. Following that, Clara and her team led us with a time of worship.

The message for this week was "Nobody's perfect", shared by Sharon, the wife of Kok Hiang who's the head of the Campus Leadership Team. She shared on how we tend to see ourselves through other people's opinions and remarks, and thus affecting our self-esteem.
She then reminded us on our identity in Christ, that God individually handcrafted us, and that we are all special and unique in God's eyes.

Pointers being shared by Sharon:
1. Build our identity in Christ and on His word.
2. Acknowledge our Uniqueness.
3. Secure in His love
4. Know His purpose for my life.

During announcements, Chee Seng shared his testimony on his trip for the Metamorphosis Camp 2004, how the camp totally changed his life, and how he learnt the lesson of forgiveness, and applied it on his recent issue he had with his friend. He ended by challenging us to go for the Metamorphosis Camp 2005.

Quips and quotes
"God knows what our weaknesses are. He formed us so what matters is how God sees us so we gotta think of ourselves the way God thinks of us," Wai Yin, Yr 2

"I was quite excited when Sharon was talking about Psalm 139 because I like how it says that God knows everything about you.The handouts given were least I can write notes," Leu Kexin, BUS. Yr 3

Thursday, August 11, 2005

11 Aug 2005

Welcome back, You've been missed......

The first Xroads of the new academic year started off with much warmth and welcome even as the freshies joined in and mixed around with the senior crusaders. Our emcees for the week Jason and Kristin started off with a light ice-breaker whereby crusaders got into groups of 3 and mingled together. They had a time of prayer as well as sharing. To emphasize that the crusaders were really missed and welcomed, Jason even did a special rendition of "I miss you baby" and both emcees got everyone comfortable and warmed up with some entertaining and humorous banter.

Shaohong and his worship team then took over, leading us in a time of fun and focused worship when we sang our hearts out in praise of God. We proclaimed our love for the Lord with action songs like "Stand up and shout it if you love my Jesus", as well as enthroned our Heavenly Father as we worshiped in spirit and truth.

We were then blessed and challenged by the message given by Crusade Staff Tony. He shared on the importance of starting the new semester well for the Lord, and not only that, but having the end in perspective – ending well is just as important. Tony highlighted 2 biblical examples to illustrate this. First he shared about how King David, a man after God's heart started well for the Lord, yet stumbled in sin along the way, succumbing to adultery and later, murder. However, he ended well as he confessed and repented his sins to God.

The other example was that of Paul. He started off as a persecutor of the Christian church, having a part to play in the stoning of Stephen. Paul was a Pharisee who publicly sinned against the Lord. Yet he was changed and made new through an encounter with God on his way to Damascus and he became a man used by the Lord in the advancement of the gospel and led many to Christ. He was indeed an example of starting wrong but ending right for God.

Food For Thought...Yum Yum
We were thus challenged to think about our own story, whether at the end of the day we would live a life that is evidently starting right and ending well for God's glory. In response to this, we were challenged to "live each day as if it were our last". We were renewed in perspective. Also, as the story of the lady who gave 2 copper coins as offering as recorded in the gospel of Mark, we were challenged to set aside an amount for God in faith to give to His work in Campus Crusade for Christ.

All good things come to an end....
Xroads ended with the commencement of the Annual General Meeting where the minutes and accounts statement were presented and passed. We also had a time of commissioning the new Servant team and prayer for the Servant Team and the Spiritual Multipliers and GIG leaders. Kenneth reminded us of our theme verse Rom 1:16 for the year through a short sharing.

We were further challenged by Roger to commit a friend to the Lord, a friend that we wanted to share Christ with and invite for the GIG session during disciple group time. We did it the 'NKF style' as a form of accountability about our commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Xroads ended with a time of fellowship and supper at Canteen 2...... We believe that it was a refreshing and renewing time for us all.

Announcements:ring ring!!
1) Metamorphosis Conference will be held from 26th to 30th December 2005. By faith, all NTU crusaders are pre-signed up for this 'opt out' conference.
Venue of the Conference is Katong Hostel.
2) Gen12ii Mission trip is an opt out event as well for crusaders.

Friday, April 01, 2005

SM Appreciation Nite

Hey all!
The photos are up!!!

Check out the link on the right!

Friday, March 04, 2005


Crossroads—17th February 2005

We started off today's crossroads by playing a game known as 'Jumble the Words'. Our emcees for the evening, Ivan and Zhixin, had prepared a list of words that were related to the things in our lives that are capable of causing us to worry and to feel stressed. Some words that were included in the list were 'projects’ and ‘assignments'.

Despite the fact that deadlines for projects and assignments were drawing near, we still gathered as a ministry to worship the Lord and to listen to His Word. The worship team led us into a time of worship where we were reminded of the security we had in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

The theme of today's Crossroads was 'God is Good'. Selina, our very own NTUCCC staff, brought us the message for the evening. She gave us 3 nuggets of truth to take home for the day:

God is good
God is Immanuel
God draws us to Him

We read Matthew 14:21-32—the familiar passage where Peter walked on water in the midst of a storm. Firstly, we learned that Jesus is never too late to come to us to help us in times of need. He is not only concerned with our cries, but also with our response in the midst of the storm. He cares enough to be with us and to mold our hearts and attitudes as we face the storms of life. God wants us to take the step of faith and to walk on water with Him, just like Peter did.

"The message reminded me that what God wants is our response in the face of problems, and for us to trust in Him…"—Chean Xinying, BioSc, Yr2

"It served as a reminder that God is with us…Was ministered to by the message…" –Faith, MPE, Yr2

Friday, February 04, 2005

SEM2- Issue 3 (3rd Febuary 2005)

Feel defeated...maybe, but dumped by God? Hardly!

In the midst of hectic schedules and week after week of tests and project work, it is inevitable that we stumble in our walk with God. You might feel defeated and wonder if failure means that God has turned His back on you. But that is WRONG!
Crusade Staff Violet gave a meaningful talk about how failures point Christians back to God. She gave her testimony of how she collected $60 for discipleship materials but didn't return the money immediately and even spent some of it. As a result, God temporarily cut off fellowship from her. However, she mustered up enough courage & confessed her actions to the other Staff Members and they showed her grace, forgiving her for what she did. It was indeed comforting to taste God’s grace for the first time.

God allows failures to point us to one crucial truth: We cannot live the Christian life on our own efforts. Failure is inevitable in life; even Jesus did not pray that Peter wouldn't fail, but that Peter’s faith will not fail. But Jesus promises in Hebrews 13:5 that He would never leave us nor forsake us, and that is a very comforting thought when we are in dire straits.

We let Jesus live in us when we are filled with the Spirit and the 4 key traits of a person of grace are

1) The surrender of personal rights. We all want our free time to do what we want but… God is asking us to give up these things unto Him. Are we willing to do so?

2) We are stewards, NOT owners. One day, we have to give an account for how we manage what is given to us.

3) Speech. We have to say something that will honour the Lord and build others up. (Ephesians 5:19-20) 4) Give sacrificially.

Violet also shared with us a prayer that we can utter when we do not feel like submitting to God. "Lord, you know I really don’t feel like, but your plan is the best. I need you to fill me & set the direction for my life, in Jesus name, Amen."

Lastly, for the message to travel from our head to our heart, it takes commitment and surrender unto the Lord.

1. Gen 12ii-“Are you in or out?” Hurry up and register!!! The closing date is on 7th Feb.
2. Crusade reunion dinner is on the 7th Feb! Meet at 5:30 at Crusade corner to leave for Marina Square. For those who are going later, take the MRT to Marina and take bus number 400 to Chong Pang restaurant
3. There will be no Crossroads next week as it is Chinese New Year. However, Crossroads will resume on 17th Feb, 6:30pm, NIE LT6.

Quips & quotes

“Felt really touched by Violet’s honest sharing. Could really connect with her cofession. I must really commit to God all those things precious to me.” Ee Jun, Acc, Year 1

“Really challenged to be spirit-filled daily, living a life totally yielded to the Lord.” Joyce, BS, Year 1

“Cool! Finally a ‘public appearance’ in Crusade! Now, no one can say they ‘dump’ me! :P” Lee Choon, CS, Year 1

Thursday, January 20, 2005

SEM2- ISSUE 2 (20th January 2005)

Crossroads 2

God's Heart For The Lost

"People don't care how much you know, but how much you care," said Kris, NTU Campus Crusade Staff. It is indeed a challenging task to share Christ with pre-believers as some have misgivings because of previous bad experiences with Christians and have hence closed their hearts to receiving the gospel. As the term progresses, even we ourselves become too wrapped up doing projects, FYPs and CCAs to show care and concern for the 'lost' in NTU.

But God calls us to reach out to the lost and not to become too distracted by personal agenda until we forget how important and urgent it is to do God's will. Jesus Himself left the comfort and glory of Heaven to do God's will on earth. The nature of God is unconditional love (1 John 4: 9-10). John 4:1-26 relates Jesus’ personal encounter with a Samaritan Woman and exemplifies this attribute of God.

God’s love is

1) Not limited by logical thinking
2) Natural yet intentional
3) Not distracted by personal agenda.

Jesus purposely chose to go through Samaria. As a result, many Samaritans believed in Jesus. Nothing is impossible for God, the Lord of the harvest. Life transformation can take place at unlikely places and situations, breaking all human barriers due to logical thinking e.g. 'They'll NEVER want to hear me preach because they have heard this so many times over!’ He also identified with the needs of the Samaritan woman by striking up a conversation with her about water and likening Himself to living water that "whosoever drink from Him will never thirst."

Likewise, fellow Crusader, Champ also saw how Tony, a Staff member identified with the needs of pre-believers when he was doing weekly campus witnessing with him. "The pre-believer became less 'hostile' when Tony took over to share the 4SL with them because he understood their needs. Witnessing is an experience and you cannot just do it once and expect success," said Champ.

Lastly, Jesus was also hungry to do the will of God while His disciples were concerned about satisfying their own needs and pleasures. Are we too busy with our own agenda that we have neglected the Word that God has entrusted to us? What are we hungry for today?

1. Gen 12ii-"Are you in or out?" Hurry up and register!!! The closing date is on 7th Feb.

2. "After the sea calms."- This is a book that has been specially printed to answer difficult questions people ask in the face of tragedy. It will be used to reach out to NTU students. Visit the website for more details on evangelism events in NTU!

3. Connexions- Evangelism and discipleship training on 28-29th Jan.

Venue: Aloha Loyang Resort Garden Terrace.
Meet at 2030, Pasir Ris MRT station.
Registration fees: $15.
For further details, ask yourrespective SMs.

4. No X-roads next week. X-roads will resume on 3rd Feb, 6:30pm, NIE LT6

Sound bites:

"I feel energized & I finally grasped the full meaning of being fixed & to preach the gospel regardless of whatever cost like Jesus did," Shengzhi, CEE, Yr 2

"The weekly evangelism was quite challenging for us but we always need to take the first step so that barriers can be broken," Christabel, Biz, Yr 1

"How Jesus was able to be connection starter….pointers like how to start evangelizing. I was inspired by Champ when he shared his testimony on street witnessing." Charis, CS, Yr 1


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