Friday, August 20, 2004

Issue 1 (20th August 2004)

A night of FIRSTS

Today marks the FIRST Crossroads of the FIRST semester where we welcomed all the FIRST years (a.k.a Freshies) who joined well as the rest of us oldies. 13 newcomers turned up altogether. Praise the Lord!
The ice breakers really got everyone up & about with us scrambling to find people who were The shortest, The longest, with the emcees Nicholas & Kexin keeping everyone in suspense about what they wanted exactly. The funniest part happened when Kimberly burst out laughing 6 seconds after holding her breath when saying the word Crossroads , thanks & no thanks to Yung who was funny as usual ...hehe :P
The skit about The Giving Tree was funny, yet touching, reminding us that God is always there for us even though many do not always show our gratitude to Him and it is not too late for us to do so! =)
The message, God is Sovereign, shared by Tony, really spoke to many of us here. He is in full control of everything on earth. I was reminded about 3 things:

1) That He is sovereign over the universe

2) He is sovereign over history

3) He is sovereign over current events.

Many times I questioned God & was a very bitter person, condemning myself for not being as good as others in terms of studies and CCA. I used to ask why He did not make me all-rounded like my cousins. Now, I have finally understood that He has shaped me according to the plan that He has for me & it is not for me to question His intentions. Also, no matter what kind of circumstances I face, He is in the driver's seat & will never give me more than I can take. Whenever I am tempted to compare with people and wallow in self-pity, I will always remember that our God has a unique plan for each of us which will be revealed if I seek after Him.


What our fellow crusaders think about today?

Not bad, quite a good turnout...loved the message & the skit about the tree. Learning that God is in control no matter how bad things seem. Serving God is the BEST thing we can do with our lives! Kimberly, CEE Year 3

Very enriching. The sermon spoke to me especially the part about the potter & the clay. We do not really know the whole picture but God knows the outcome. It inspires me to know more about Him by reading His Word & encouraging people. Clara made quite a good tree ;) Really touching to know that God is always giving though other people take Him for granted. James

I think it was very special because today is my birthday. Did not expect them to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers & I did not know how to react. This is what Crusade is all about. Though my real family cannot be around today, the Crusade family is around for me. Faye, CS Year 2


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