Friday, August 27, 2004

Issue 2 (27 August 2004)

Prayers and thanksgiving for an unchanging God
It is the second Crossroads of the semester! Once again, us fellow crusaders met in LT6 to praise & worship God =) Joshua and Man Yin were our highly entertaining emcees for the evening. Joshua made everyone laugh when he 'exercised' his lusty vocals and made Man Yin swoon on the ground in mock horror.
To kick start the evening, we played Crusade taboo in which we were given a paper with certain words and we had to use words or phrases other than those written there to describe the particular word (sounds confusing but it actually very easy to understand ;-)
We also were privileged to have Juliana, a Crusade staff, give her first Crossroads sermon about how God never changes. In this day and age, it seems that change is the only constant in life. We are perpetually having to cope with one transition after the other...from projects to exams to more projects, more tests and the list goes on & on as the semester workload piles up.
Before we get adjusted to change, things change again and this world becomes more & more relative. Often, moral standards are also compromised and our sense of right & wrong becomes increasingly blurred. We become increasingly jaded to change and think, "If others say it is good, it is good lor." But deep within us, we feel confused, rushed and insecure. Only God can be our anchor & rock in times like these because He never changes! Hebrews (1:12) says, "You remain the same & Your years will never come to an end." Hebrews (13:8) says, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." God has been true to His word since the Creation. Whatever He said, it was so and if it was so, it is so and it will be so. God is good all the time! =)
Tonight, our executive committee was formally introduced and called to office during the AGM. Shao Cai, our student co-coordinator gave a speech reminding us of our mission: To make disciples for Christ in NTU & fulfill God’s purpose for us here and that ultimately, it is not our academic achievement or CCA accomplishments that matter the most but that God has changed us for the better.
Last but not least, there is also a new addition to the Crusade corner...A prayer board! Crusaders can post their prayer requests there so that our fellow brothers & sisters in Christ can pray for them. After that, they can post that they have prayed for their fellow crusader under the 'Prayed for' section. There is also a 'Thanksgiving' section for us to post how God has blessed us so as to encourage one another in the Body of Christ. -Rachel

Sound bites from our fellow crusaders

"The message was very useful and applicable to me! It was a good time spent and I feel very refreshed. The prayer board that Kang Guan made is very good, enabling us to bond deeply & to know each other better & to grow as one ministry." Cai Li CEE Year 4

"Shao Cai's speech was quite touching. He shared his life with us and talked about how he missed going for Crossroads because of family problems. For the rest of us, sometimes we don’t feel like coming down because we feel that we have more important things to do like studying and that isn’t good because God comes first!" Yongzhi MPE Year 3

"Crossroads reminded me that God will always stay perfect. His attributes never change & He is whom I can count and depend on. After Shao Cai's message, I realized the need to treasure my parents and be a responsible son to my parents & my heavenly Father." E-James, Acc Year 2

Number of newcomers: 8
Total number of people attendees: 63


At 1:38 PM, Blogger unicorny said...

Haiz, I guess everyone must have gotten the start of the skit wrongly, it goes like this:
Joshua was suppose to be dancing and praising the Lord while Manyin, overwhelmed by the presence of God, fell down and cried. Joshua proceeded on to pray for her.
Hmmm though misinterpreted, it was still quite funny to see everyone thinking that Manyin would fainted due to my horrendous vocals ... haha. Lucky no one's glasses broke that night.

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo this is Adrian. Oh man.. wish i didn't miss that. Er. Is Man Yin okay? :P

At 10:19 AM, Blogger z Vive said...

Matthea here...
Anyway I also thot that Manyin fainted bcos of the 'unbelievable' singing. When I checked the script, then I realised what was supposed to have gone on.'s good to know that Manyin is doing well and did not suffer any post-trauma.
The message was again encouraging and reassurring. It's like, in the midst of everything that changes around us, we want to hold on to something that never changes...and that is God! Our anchor! Hmm...I feel privileged that God is always there for me, and HEY!!!God is there for all of you too!!! God BLESS!

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