Monday, September 27, 2004

SEM1- ISSUE 6 (30th Sept 2004)

Trust & obey in an all-powerful God

Tonight's Crossroads served as a gentle but firm reminder that we should trust & obey our all- powerful God no matter what the circumstances are. Too often, we admire popular people like Bill Gates & David Beckham for their qualities like intellect, good looks & technological or athletic prowess. But when asked about God, we are at a loss of what to say about Him. Often we forget that God is the one who endows people with the aforementioned qualities. Emcees Rena & Daniel brought this point across in a light-hearted and thought-provoking manner.
Jix, Jia Jun, Roger, and Shihui led in the worship session with songs like 'Power of your love', and 'Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory'.

Our speaker Josephine talked about another of God's attributes: He is all-powerful! God is in control though it seems that time is running out for us...exams, projects, deadlines. To encourage us, she shared her testimony about how God surprised her by blessing her with honors for her final year exams despite her busyness in serving Crusade and having blanked out on the day of the exam itself. Indeed, this debunks the lie that one cannot serve God & excel in his studies at the same time!
God's attributes are very important for they determine how we react to situations in our lives. If we don't have a clear idea of God's attributes, we may react to situations the wrong way. Also, it we exalt one attribute of God over the other, we will get a distorted picture of Him.

She gave a few points for us to mull over:
1) Who is God? (Ephesians 3:20-21) If He is all powerful, why do we act as though He isn't able?
2) What is He able to do? He is able to do ALL that we ask or think, abundantly and exceedingly beyond all that we ask or think. Don't limit God by human experience! Josephine shared how God blessed Crusade with $28,000 from various sponsors (more than they had budgeted for), enabling her and the then E-thrust comm. to get goodie bags and distribute them to the freshmen.
3) How is He going to do it? According to the power that works within us (Ephesians 1:19-20)
4) Why is He doing it?
To Him be the glory in the Church in Jesus Christ to all generations, for ever & ever! But we first have to let go & trust & obey in Him in order to experience His power. We NEED His power to exercise self-control and not to fall into sin.

Faye also shared her testimony about how God brought her two stubborn aunts to Christ and how they received Christ and came to church on their own free will. Nothing is impossible by God's grace! She urged us to be patient and persevere to save the unsaved! All things are possible through Christ =)

Tony reminded us that as we are thankful about how God has blessed Crusade in this year with a record number of SMs, 65 freshie Crusaders and 6 NTU pre-believers going for the GIG weekend this year, we must be more alert in interceding and praying for one another. Something which we have not been doing. So we MUST confess our sins daily and keep praying to claim back our son-ship & for protection against spiritual attacks.

1) Those who want the Crusade Directory can get it from Mimi at $1 each.
2) For Crusaders staying in halls, please approach Mimi to offer your help with distributing some items to our contacts in halls.

Sound bites from fellow Crusaders...

"The part where Tony & us were in prayer...should have brought a tape recorder"
Charis, Year 1, CS

"I think it hit me because there are so many projects piling up that I find myself neglecting God. Today reminds me of how great God is & not rely on my own strength. If I just trust in God, He has the power to do so much more." Rena, Year 2, CS
"For me, it's the how we should not neglect our walk with God despite all this." Jia Jun, Year 2, BUS

Number of attendees: 37

Number of newcomers: 0

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Issue 5 (23rd Sept 2004)

A great, all-knowing God

After a one week hiatus, Crossroads is back in action! We Crusaders gathered in LT6 for a session of Praise & Worship amidst yet another week of mounting project deadlines and *ominous music played*...the Exams!!! *Stress* Thus, it was comforting to be reminded that God knows what we are going through =)

Faye, our emcee for the night, pretended to read a book titled, '1001 things you have to know to be prepared for life.' Almost on cue, Chee Seng (also tonight's emcee) went up to her & encouraged her to ask God for help to see her through.

To get us Crusaders energized after a hectic days worth of lessons, we sang & did the actions to the song 'Shalom, my friend'. It was really heartening to see both girls & guys alike greeting each other with a handshake and funny dance moves.

Eileen, our Crusade staff delivered a thought-provoking sermon about how God is all-knowing (Isaiah 40:13-14, 1 John 3:20). God's knowledge is ABSOULTELY true, pure & never distorted! Many men have spent their lives trying and failing to fathom the mystery of life but to God, there's no mystery! He knows everything, never had to learn anything, doesn't need a computer and nothing surprises Him! So we can come before Him honestly and tell Him all our problems, with the knowledge that He is fully aware of everything that's going on in our lives (Psalms 139:1-6). How comforting!

Eileen also shared about God cared deeply enough to minister to her two little daughters Rachel & Naomi by answering their prayers and giving them new bicycles! Indeed, NO ONE is too insignificant in His sight. When we feel misunderstood, God cares deeply for us and knows our purpose and the reason why we undergo certain trials in our lives and grieves deeply when we refuse to allow Him into our lives & willfully choose to be mired in sin. Jesus chose to die on the cross so that we won't be slaves to sin forever more. We have to ask God to cleanse us & forgive of our sins and be willing to choose to live for Him through the little things in our daily lives. If not, we can’t shine for Jesus (Jeremiah 29:11).

'The 3 trees', an animated feature, reminded us not to give up on God no matter what failures we experience because He has a greater plan for you and does things in His own unique way & makes all things beautiful in His own timing. The dreams that we have pale in comparison to what God has in mind for us. Praise the Lord!

Kang Guan, our Prayer Comm I/C shared his testimony about how God helped him overcome his fear or public speaking and how he even got an A! He also introduced the P-Comm members and some items to urgently pray for: 1) Intercessions for our lecturers & grads 2) Pray for NTU 3) Prayer board. He reminded us that prayer isn’t a sacrifice but a privilege.

Yung, our E-Comm head prayed with all of us for the GIG weekend. Though it is difficult to get the Gigsters to come, God is still sovereign over what is going on and it is our responsibility to guard what God has entrusted to us & not do things in our own strength.


Quips & Quotes from the Crusaders
"Good that God is control of everything, especially after a week of horrible stress."
Jane, EEE, Yr 3
"I think the worship was very good...was ministered by the last 2 songs. The whole message that Eileen shared tied in with what I did for my quiet time ...if I desire to honor Him, He will honor me." Arlene, SBS, Yr3
"Enriching! ,'The 3 trees' clip was very nice and the songs were very nice!"
Christina, ACC, Yr2

Total number of people: 47
New attendees: 1

Friday, September 10, 2004

ISSUE 4 (10th Sept 2004)

God IS matter what
At long last, the week before the mid-term break has arrived! Despite our busy schedules of projects, tests , quizzes etc. many were able to make it for today's Crossroads!! Praise the Lord!
"God is love, shen shi ai, tu itu kasih",Jix & Clara our funky emcees demonstrated just few of the many ways to say 'God is love'! As a prelude to the sermon, we were divided into two teams 'Cross' & 'Roads' and had to unscramble words from the bible verses 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 in 30 seconds. E-James, Kimberly, Simon and Matthea led the worship session in which we sang songs and praised God for His love.

Tonight's message was centered around the theme, "God is love" Victor, last year's E-Comm head gave an enlightening sermon about the qualities of God's love. God's love is 1) Unselfish 2) CANNOT be earned 3) Unconditional 4) Unending and everlasting. God's love is good and flows out of the goodness of God's character.

But in order for love to exist, there must be another element: Choice. In the beginning, God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit lived in perfect harmony with one another. There was no need for God to create us but He chose to! . However, man damaged that relationship with God when man allowed a 3rd party, SIN, to come in. Despite all this, God hasn't given up on us and paid the penalty for our sins by sending His son to die on the cross for our sins and restore the broken relationship with us.

So how do we love each other? 4 simple equations: 1) MORE love= LESS indifference 2) LESS indifference= MORE involvement 3) MORE involvement= MORE sacrifice. 4) MORE sacrifice= MORE life change & growth!

Admittedly, it is difficult to muster enough courage to make friends and show concern but the more we do so, the less our hearts will be hardened to our friends, peers and tutors in NTU. Their lives are being changed for the better though it may take a long time to see our efforts bearing fruit. Victor ended by saying something thought-provoking, "Let the love of Christ compel you to make a difference amongst your friends and don’t do it because of personal motives." So do everything for God's glory!!

In addition 3 important events were announced. 1) Yung made an important announcement about GIG weekend (25-26 Sept) and E-Comm gave out flyers with prayer pray that GIG weekend will be a success! 2) Selena and Kok Soon publicized Metamorphosis (6-11 Dec). So sign up now and pay ONLY $100 instead of $160. 3) Crusade family day is on 13 Sept! ( Meet at 1130 am at Harbourfront MRT and bring a dark tee , extra change of clothes and $5 if u are staying for BBQ.

- Rachel

Sound bites from fellow Crusaders...

"Victor shared about love & I was doing my quiet time & he mentioned about Jeremiah 2 & Isaiah 15, my quiet time passages during Crossroads. So it was very coincidental & I think this Crossroads is very special for me...but then again, so is every X-roads ;)"
John, Year 3, Acc

"It was a great time of worship. Great balance between Word & fellowship. A very edifying time….fuelled for next week’s Crossroads =)!"
Lifern, Year 1, Biological Sciences

"The message really taught me a lot that God releases and the Holy Spirit were living in perfect harmony in the beginning. The Love Week inspired me to bless Shao Hong...the question 'Why can't we show love to people all the time?' made me wonder."
Jix, Year 2, MPE

Number of attendees: 60
Number of newcomers: 4

Friday, September 03, 2004

Photo Blog!!!

The Crossroads Photo Blog is up! Check out the link on the right!

ISSUE 3 (3rd Sept 2004)

Prayer & Praise night
This week's Crossroads centered on Prayer & Praise and Mark 11:22-24 was the verse for the night, reminding us to have faith that our prayers do come true! There were 5 key areas that our fellow Crusaders prayed for: Evangelism, Discipleship, CrossRoads, the Crusade Ministry & fellow Crusaders.

Prayer pointers for Evangelism: 1) That GIG will bear good fruit; to see God working in the lives of group members and see them turning to Christ. 2) For the Crusaders to bear good fruit; to actively reach out to the non-Christians around us. 3) For us to bear good fruit; for the salvation of our close friends, and our family.

Prayer pointers for Discipleship: 1) All SMs to have the perseverance and wisdom in conducting DG. 2) Disciples to have teachable hearts and be equipped to spread the Gospel and also leading a fulfilling Christian life. 3) To be sensitive to the needs of our bros n sis-in-Christ . 3) For an atmosphere of love to be among DG mates and SMs.

Prayer pointers for Crossroads: 1) That crusaders would be enjoying the teaching of the Word and a fruitful time of fellowship. 2) Pray that crusaders would be burdened to even bring their friends down for crossroads events. 3) That crusaders will take time off to come down for Xroads .

Prayer pointers for Crusade Ministry: 1) Teamwork and unity, bonded in God's love to focus on God and not be distracted by things of the world/flesh. 2) To have a heart of humility and patience as we serve. 3) Pray for staff and their families. 4) That we'll make an impressionable impact in NTU. 5) That we'll be of an encouragement to the other Christians in NTU.

Prayer pointers for Crusaders: 1) For the Holy Spirit to fill us as we do His work and serve each other together. 2) Obedience and servant hood. 3) To be honest with God and hunger for His Word. 4) For wisdom and strength in our daily life. 5) Yield to God and seek His guidance.

In addition, Crusaders and staff members like Tony, Junxiang, Katherine, Samantha shared their testimonies. Lingyun also gave a talk about discipleship.

** Registration is NOW open for the Metamorphosis Camp ! So hurry & sign up!! For further details, contact the staff or watch out for future publicity in Xroads and emails =) **

Stay tuned for...Love Week!!!

**Next week is Love Week and it is an opportunity for us all to BLESS someone!!! We can do something to show God's love to him/her before 9th Sept AND pray for him/her =)**
**So don't forget to come for this week's Crossroads at NIE LT6, 6:30pm. The theme is: God is love.**


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