Friday, September 03, 2004

ISSUE 3 (3rd Sept 2004)

Prayer & Praise night
This week's Crossroads centered on Prayer & Praise and Mark 11:22-24 was the verse for the night, reminding us to have faith that our prayers do come true! There were 5 key areas that our fellow Crusaders prayed for: Evangelism, Discipleship, CrossRoads, the Crusade Ministry & fellow Crusaders.

Prayer pointers for Evangelism: 1) That GIG will bear good fruit; to see God working in the lives of group members and see them turning to Christ. 2) For the Crusaders to bear good fruit; to actively reach out to the non-Christians around us. 3) For us to bear good fruit; for the salvation of our close friends, and our family.

Prayer pointers for Discipleship: 1) All SMs to have the perseverance and wisdom in conducting DG. 2) Disciples to have teachable hearts and be equipped to spread the Gospel and also leading a fulfilling Christian life. 3) To be sensitive to the needs of our bros n sis-in-Christ . 3) For an atmosphere of love to be among DG mates and SMs.

Prayer pointers for Crossroads: 1) That crusaders would be enjoying the teaching of the Word and a fruitful time of fellowship. 2) Pray that crusaders would be burdened to even bring their friends down for crossroads events. 3) That crusaders will take time off to come down for Xroads .

Prayer pointers for Crusade Ministry: 1) Teamwork and unity, bonded in God's love to focus on God and not be distracted by things of the world/flesh. 2) To have a heart of humility and patience as we serve. 3) Pray for staff and their families. 4) That we'll make an impressionable impact in NTU. 5) That we'll be of an encouragement to the other Christians in NTU.

Prayer pointers for Crusaders: 1) For the Holy Spirit to fill us as we do His work and serve each other together. 2) Obedience and servant hood. 3) To be honest with God and hunger for His Word. 4) For wisdom and strength in our daily life. 5) Yield to God and seek His guidance.

In addition, Crusaders and staff members like Tony, Junxiang, Katherine, Samantha shared their testimonies. Lingyun also gave a talk about discipleship.

** Registration is NOW open for the Metamorphosis Camp ! So hurry & sign up!! For further details, contact the staff or watch out for future publicity in Xroads and emails =) **

Stay tuned for...Love Week!!!

**Next week is Love Week and it is an opportunity for us all to BLESS someone!!! We can do something to show God's love to him/her before 9th Sept AND pray for him/her =)**
**So don't forget to come for this week's Crossroads at NIE LT6, 6:30pm. The theme is: God is love.**


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