Friday, September 10, 2004

ISSUE 4 (10th Sept 2004)

God IS matter what
At long last, the week before the mid-term break has arrived! Despite our busy schedules of projects, tests , quizzes etc. many were able to make it for today's Crossroads!! Praise the Lord!
"God is love, shen shi ai, tu itu kasih",Jix & Clara our funky emcees demonstrated just few of the many ways to say 'God is love'! As a prelude to the sermon, we were divided into two teams 'Cross' & 'Roads' and had to unscramble words from the bible verses 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 in 30 seconds. E-James, Kimberly, Simon and Matthea led the worship session in which we sang songs and praised God for His love.

Tonight's message was centered around the theme, "God is love" Victor, last year's E-Comm head gave an enlightening sermon about the qualities of God's love. God's love is 1) Unselfish 2) CANNOT be earned 3) Unconditional 4) Unending and everlasting. God's love is good and flows out of the goodness of God's character.

But in order for love to exist, there must be another element: Choice. In the beginning, God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit lived in perfect harmony with one another. There was no need for God to create us but He chose to! . However, man damaged that relationship with God when man allowed a 3rd party, SIN, to come in. Despite all this, God hasn't given up on us and paid the penalty for our sins by sending His son to die on the cross for our sins and restore the broken relationship with us.

So how do we love each other? 4 simple equations: 1) MORE love= LESS indifference 2) LESS indifference= MORE involvement 3) MORE involvement= MORE sacrifice. 4) MORE sacrifice= MORE life change & growth!

Admittedly, it is difficult to muster enough courage to make friends and show concern but the more we do so, the less our hearts will be hardened to our friends, peers and tutors in NTU. Their lives are being changed for the better though it may take a long time to see our efforts bearing fruit. Victor ended by saying something thought-provoking, "Let the love of Christ compel you to make a difference amongst your friends and don’t do it because of personal motives." So do everything for God's glory!!

In addition 3 important events were announced. 1) Yung made an important announcement about GIG weekend (25-26 Sept) and E-Comm gave out flyers with prayer pray that GIG weekend will be a success! 2) Selena and Kok Soon publicized Metamorphosis (6-11 Dec). So sign up now and pay ONLY $100 instead of $160. 3) Crusade family day is on 13 Sept! ( Meet at 1130 am at Harbourfront MRT and bring a dark tee , extra change of clothes and $5 if u are staying for BBQ.

- Rachel

Sound bites from fellow Crusaders...

"Victor shared about love & I was doing my quiet time & he mentioned about Jeremiah 2 & Isaiah 15, my quiet time passages during Crossroads. So it was very coincidental & I think this Crossroads is very special for me...but then again, so is every X-roads ;)"
John, Year 3, Acc

"It was a great time of worship. Great balance between Word & fellowship. A very edifying time….fuelled for next week’s Crossroads =)!"
Lifern, Year 1, Biological Sciences

"The message really taught me a lot that God releases and the Holy Spirit were living in perfect harmony in the beginning. The Love Week inspired me to bless Shao Hong...the question 'Why can't we show love to people all the time?' made me wonder."
Jix, Year 2, MPE

Number of attendees: 60
Number of newcomers: 4


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