Monday, September 27, 2004

SEM1- ISSUE 6 (30th Sept 2004)

Trust & obey in an all-powerful God

Tonight's Crossroads served as a gentle but firm reminder that we should trust & obey our all- powerful God no matter what the circumstances are. Too often, we admire popular people like Bill Gates & David Beckham for their qualities like intellect, good looks & technological or athletic prowess. But when asked about God, we are at a loss of what to say about Him. Often we forget that God is the one who endows people with the aforementioned qualities. Emcees Rena & Daniel brought this point across in a light-hearted and thought-provoking manner.
Jix, Jia Jun, Roger, and Shihui led in the worship session with songs like 'Power of your love', and 'Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory'.

Our speaker Josephine talked about another of God's attributes: He is all-powerful! God is in control though it seems that time is running out for us...exams, projects, deadlines. To encourage us, she shared her testimony about how God surprised her by blessing her with honors for her final year exams despite her busyness in serving Crusade and having blanked out on the day of the exam itself. Indeed, this debunks the lie that one cannot serve God & excel in his studies at the same time!
God's attributes are very important for they determine how we react to situations in our lives. If we don't have a clear idea of God's attributes, we may react to situations the wrong way. Also, it we exalt one attribute of God over the other, we will get a distorted picture of Him.

She gave a few points for us to mull over:
1) Who is God? (Ephesians 3:20-21) If He is all powerful, why do we act as though He isn't able?
2) What is He able to do? He is able to do ALL that we ask or think, abundantly and exceedingly beyond all that we ask or think. Don't limit God by human experience! Josephine shared how God blessed Crusade with $28,000 from various sponsors (more than they had budgeted for), enabling her and the then E-thrust comm. to get goodie bags and distribute them to the freshmen.
3) How is He going to do it? According to the power that works within us (Ephesians 1:19-20)
4) Why is He doing it?
To Him be the glory in the Church in Jesus Christ to all generations, for ever & ever! But we first have to let go & trust & obey in Him in order to experience His power. We NEED His power to exercise self-control and not to fall into sin.

Faye also shared her testimony about how God brought her two stubborn aunts to Christ and how they received Christ and came to church on their own free will. Nothing is impossible by God's grace! She urged us to be patient and persevere to save the unsaved! All things are possible through Christ =)

Tony reminded us that as we are thankful about how God has blessed Crusade in this year with a record number of SMs, 65 freshie Crusaders and 6 NTU pre-believers going for the GIG weekend this year, we must be more alert in interceding and praying for one another. Something which we have not been doing. So we MUST confess our sins daily and keep praying to claim back our son-ship & for protection against spiritual attacks.

1) Those who want the Crusade Directory can get it from Mimi at $1 each.
2) For Crusaders staying in halls, please approach Mimi to offer your help with distributing some items to our contacts in halls.

Sound bites from fellow Crusaders...

"The part where Tony & us were in prayer...should have brought a tape recorder"
Charis, Year 1, CS

"I think it hit me because there are so many projects piling up that I find myself neglecting God. Today reminds me of how great God is & not rely on my own strength. If I just trust in God, He has the power to do so much more." Rena, Year 2, CS
"For me, it's the how we should not neglect our walk with God despite all this." Jia Jun, Year 2, BUS

Number of attendees: 37

Number of newcomers: 0


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