Friday, January 14, 2005

SEM2- Issue 1 (13th January 2005)

CrossRoads I

A new beginning for a new semester

The second semester of 04/05 started with us Crusaders gathering for a time of worship and praise in NIE LT6. Everyone was uplifted by the repertoire of songs by the Worship Team as they sang and gave praise to God for His goodness.

After that, Ivan shared his testimony of how God helped him to be able to attend the Meta camp and how the camp transformed his life by inspiring him to set up an 'accountability' group with his church friends to help them remain pure in God's eyes despite worldly pressures.

"Many times, I'ld rather face a computer than a person," says Crusade Staff, Ray. Indeed, it is so much easier dealing with objects rather than people because objects do not respond or say hurting things. Human relationships are very complex and many Chinese drama serials have illustrated that point well. Yet, the most REAL thing in life is relationships and who better exemplifies this other than God Himself! God is 1) Personal 2) Trinitarian 3) Covenantal. He distinguishes Himself from other idols by asserting that He is the ONE & ONLY true God. Unless we understand God in Trinitarian form, He is but an empty name!

There are 3 implications for us: Knowing that God is relational, we can put confidence in God's love and faithfulness. The essence of life is relationships and we have to be more other-centered instead of being self-centered. Jesus does the will of His Father to bring glory to Him and the Holy Sprit works in us to bring others to Christ. Admittedly, this isn't easy as being other-centered goes against typical self-centered human nature but with God's help, He will gradually mould us and make us more Christ-centered.

1. Coming up: Prayer week ENGAGE will be from 17th Jan- 29th Jan. Venue & Time: 5pm Canteen A, Crusade Corner for a time of prayer and sharing every Mon-Thurs for this period of time.

2. ConnecXions- Evangelism and discipleship training on 28-29th Jan.
Venue: Aloha Loyang Resort Garden Terrace.
Meet at 2015, Pasir Ris MRT station.
Registration fees: $15
For further details, ask your respective SMs.

3. Gen 12ii registration is now OPEN!


" I come to Crossroads to help me focus on God despite my hectic schedule. Though I only went a few times for last year's Engage, it was good to see so many brothers and sisters in Christ gather together to pray." Zhixin, Acc, Yr 2

"You always talk about losing yourself for Christ but you never think of it as going on a 'downward race'". Ivan, Bus, Yr 2

X-road statistics:
Total number of attendees: 30
Number of newcomers: 3


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Yea Crossroads have begun!


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