Friday, February 04, 2005

SEM2- Issue 3 (3rd Febuary 2005)

Feel defeated...maybe, but dumped by God? Hardly!

In the midst of hectic schedules and week after week of tests and project work, it is inevitable that we stumble in our walk with God. You might feel defeated and wonder if failure means that God has turned His back on you. But that is WRONG!
Crusade Staff Violet gave a meaningful talk about how failures point Christians back to God. She gave her testimony of how she collected $60 for discipleship materials but didn't return the money immediately and even spent some of it. As a result, God temporarily cut off fellowship from her. However, she mustered up enough courage & confessed her actions to the other Staff Members and they showed her grace, forgiving her for what she did. It was indeed comforting to taste God’s grace for the first time.

God allows failures to point us to one crucial truth: We cannot live the Christian life on our own efforts. Failure is inevitable in life; even Jesus did not pray that Peter wouldn't fail, but that Peter’s faith will not fail. But Jesus promises in Hebrews 13:5 that He would never leave us nor forsake us, and that is a very comforting thought when we are in dire straits.

We let Jesus live in us when we are filled with the Spirit and the 4 key traits of a person of grace are

1) The surrender of personal rights. We all want our free time to do what we want but… God is asking us to give up these things unto Him. Are we willing to do so?

2) We are stewards, NOT owners. One day, we have to give an account for how we manage what is given to us.

3) Speech. We have to say something that will honour the Lord and build others up. (Ephesians 5:19-20) 4) Give sacrificially.

Violet also shared with us a prayer that we can utter when we do not feel like submitting to God. "Lord, you know I really don’t feel like, but your plan is the best. I need you to fill me & set the direction for my life, in Jesus name, Amen."

Lastly, for the message to travel from our head to our heart, it takes commitment and surrender unto the Lord.

1. Gen 12ii-“Are you in or out?” Hurry up and register!!! The closing date is on 7th Feb.
2. Crusade reunion dinner is on the 7th Feb! Meet at 5:30 at Crusade corner to leave for Marina Square. For those who are going later, take the MRT to Marina and take bus number 400 to Chong Pang restaurant
3. There will be no Crossroads next week as it is Chinese New Year. However, Crossroads will resume on 17th Feb, 6:30pm, NIE LT6.

Quips & quotes

“Felt really touched by Violet’s honest sharing. Could really connect with her cofession. I must really commit to God all those things precious to me.” Ee Jun, Acc, Year 1

“Really challenged to be spirit-filled daily, living a life totally yielded to the Lord.” Joyce, BS, Year 1

“Cool! Finally a ‘public appearance’ in Crusade! Now, no one can say they ‘dump’ me! :P” Lee Choon, CS, Year 1


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