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Crossroads—17th February 2005

We started off today's crossroads by playing a game known as 'Jumble the Words'. Our emcees for the evening, Ivan and Zhixin, had prepared a list of words that were related to the things in our lives that are capable of causing us to worry and to feel stressed. Some words that were included in the list were 'projects’ and ‘assignments'.

Despite the fact that deadlines for projects and assignments were drawing near, we still gathered as a ministry to worship the Lord and to listen to His Word. The worship team led us into a time of worship where we were reminded of the security we had in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father.

The theme of today's Crossroads was 'God is Good'. Selina, our very own NTUCCC staff, brought us the message for the evening. She gave us 3 nuggets of truth to take home for the day:

God is good
God is Immanuel
God draws us to Him

We read Matthew 14:21-32—the familiar passage where Peter walked on water in the midst of a storm. Firstly, we learned that Jesus is never too late to come to us to help us in times of need. He is not only concerned with our cries, but also with our response in the midst of the storm. He cares enough to be with us and to mold our hearts and attitudes as we face the storms of life. God wants us to take the step of faith and to walk on water with Him, just like Peter did.

"The message reminded me that what God wants is our response in the face of problems, and for us to trust in Him…"—Chean Xinying, BioSc, Yr2

"It served as a reminder that God is with us…Was ministered to by the message…" –Faith, MPE, Yr2


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