Thursday, August 11, 2005

11 Aug 2005

Welcome back, You've been missed......

The first Xroads of the new academic year started off with much warmth and welcome even as the freshies joined in and mixed around with the senior crusaders. Our emcees for the week Jason and Kristin started off with a light ice-breaker whereby crusaders got into groups of 3 and mingled together. They had a time of prayer as well as sharing. To emphasize that the crusaders were really missed and welcomed, Jason even did a special rendition of "I miss you baby" and both emcees got everyone comfortable and warmed up with some entertaining and humorous banter.

Shaohong and his worship team then took over, leading us in a time of fun and focused worship when we sang our hearts out in praise of God. We proclaimed our love for the Lord with action songs like "Stand up and shout it if you love my Jesus", as well as enthroned our Heavenly Father as we worshiped in spirit and truth.

We were then blessed and challenged by the message given by Crusade Staff Tony. He shared on the importance of starting the new semester well for the Lord, and not only that, but having the end in perspective – ending well is just as important. Tony highlighted 2 biblical examples to illustrate this. First he shared about how King David, a man after God's heart started well for the Lord, yet stumbled in sin along the way, succumbing to adultery and later, murder. However, he ended well as he confessed and repented his sins to God.

The other example was that of Paul. He started off as a persecutor of the Christian church, having a part to play in the stoning of Stephen. Paul was a Pharisee who publicly sinned against the Lord. Yet he was changed and made new through an encounter with God on his way to Damascus and he became a man used by the Lord in the advancement of the gospel and led many to Christ. He was indeed an example of starting wrong but ending right for God.

Food For Thought...Yum Yum
We were thus challenged to think about our own story, whether at the end of the day we would live a life that is evidently starting right and ending well for God's glory. In response to this, we were challenged to "live each day as if it were our last". We were renewed in perspective. Also, as the story of the lady who gave 2 copper coins as offering as recorded in the gospel of Mark, we were challenged to set aside an amount for God in faith to give to His work in Campus Crusade for Christ.

All good things come to an end....
Xroads ended with the commencement of the Annual General Meeting where the minutes and accounts statement were presented and passed. We also had a time of commissioning the new Servant team and prayer for the Servant Team and the Spiritual Multipliers and GIG leaders. Kenneth reminded us of our theme verse Rom 1:16 for the year through a short sharing.

We were further challenged by Roger to commit a friend to the Lord, a friend that we wanted to share Christ with and invite for the GIG session during disciple group time. We did it the 'NKF style' as a form of accountability about our commitment to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Xroads ended with a time of fellowship and supper at Canteen 2...... We believe that it was a refreshing and renewing time for us all.

Announcements:ring ring!!
1) Metamorphosis Conference will be held from 26th to 30th December 2005. By faith, all NTU crusaders are pre-signed up for this 'opt out' conference.
Venue of the Conference is Katong Hostel.
2) Gen12ii Mission trip is an opt out event as well for crusaders.


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